About Us

Franca and DogsI first came to Puerto Vallarta in 1999 and never left!!!  Hi, my name is Franca Leunens and welcome to Casa Franca.

I had been working at Kativik School Board, living in Montreal Quebec, and after 25 years in education, I needed a change.  I was on a one year sabbatical, hoping to find something that would support me and keep me busy.  In May 2000, I looked at what was to become Casa Franca.  After explaining my dream to six architects, I found the one that understood my vision and made it happen.

By the Spring of 2001, Casa Franca was open for business.  Despite a few setbacks, Casa Franca has survived and flourished.  Now after almost two decades of meeting wonderful people who have stayed at Casa Franca, I can only say what a great project and change of life this has been.

Wonderful Bella the DogWonderful Benji the DogI am sorry to say that my pride and joys are no longer with us; Bella died in 2018 and Benji in 2019.

But God blessed me in 2020 with another rescue dog.  His name is Lucky; and that is what I was when he came into my life.

Come stay with us at Casa Franca, Lucky and I look forward to your visit!