Franca’s Kitchen

Picture of productsWelcome to Franca’s Kitchen

Actually there is not a kitchen to visit, but rather it is a name of my food products that I have been making for years and sharing.  I love to cook and enjoy making culinary treats for my friends when we get together.  With the encouragement of my friends, I decided to start making some of their favorite items so others could enjoy them.

Picrture of Franca making picklesI only use fresh local seasonal fruits and vegetables in my products and I never add any type of chemicals.  Because I do make them in my kitchen at home, I am only able to produce small quantities at a time which assures the freshness of each jar.  The availability of the items varies depending on the season and the demand.

Generally I do have the following delicious products ready to be purchased.

Picture of mango ginger jamPicture of bread & butter pickles

Apple JellyApple Butter
Pickled BeetsBread & Butter Pickles
Mango ChutneyHoney Mustard Dressing
Mango Ginger Jam



Picture of bottle of honey mustard dressingYou may contact me by using the email form below to request any product or ask questions.  (Please be sure to verify that you entered you email address correctly.)  Or you may email directly at info@



Picture of Franca making pickles